Case Study: Autoclave Discharge Block Valve

Location: Russiaabrasoblock valve
Industry: Mining and Minerals
Application: Autoclave Discharge Block Valve, Pilot Plant Trial
Product: 1 Qty, 1/2" ANSI Class 300 AbrasoBlock® valve

Challenge: To achieve 500 cycles and 50 hours operation without failure of the valve, during an accelerated product trial.

Solution: The valve test will take place during the test/elaboration of the autoclave POX-technology of the gold bearing sulphide concentrate into the pilot autoclave line. The purpose of the pilot plant is to test different coating technologies to find a solution for the inherent problems in other valve designs and coating technology during this difficult process.

The AbrasoBlock® integral seat design valve was installed in the pilot plant and trial commenced.


Result: The trial was completed with excellent results. The valve successfully achieved 75.5 hours and 970 strokes of operation. This by far outperforms all other manufacturers' autoclave block valve trials. The end-user will proceed into commercial supply agreement for valve to be installed in their industrial autoclaves.

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