Case Study: V1-1 Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Industry: Power
Plant type: Power producer
Application: Attemperator block
Product: V1-1 with ValvXpress® Automation

Overview: A major US combined cycle plant experienced significant seat leakage with a competitor’s valve that was installed in the attemperator block  application of the plant. After just one year of service and multiple attempts to correct the issue, the faulty valve compromised the plants’ performance resulting in high maintenance costs and poor reliability.

Requirement: The customer required a dependable, long-term solution that would allow it to increase run time between outages and correct chronic seat leakage problems caused by the original installation. After investigating, ValvTechnologies determined the issue could be resolved with the installation of the manufacturer’s high performing V1-1 zero-leakage metal seated ball valve.

Solution: ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage, V1-1 2500 ANSI Class metal ball valve was identified as the best solution for this application.

Result: After three years of operation with increased run time and elimination of maintenance problems, the superior valve continues to exceed the customer’s expectations, providing top level safety while reducing the total cost of ownership by 50%.
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