Case Study: ValvTechnologies Specialties - Think Outside the Box 

Location:  New Jersey, USA

ValvTechnologies Specialties, better known as VTIS, is positioned to ensure stellar customer service and on-time delivery so we can exceed our customers’ expectations. VTIS is designed to quickly and efficiently respond to customer’s needs for non-standard valves and/or applications, specifically:

  • Standard design, non-standard metallurgy
  • Standard design, non-standard coating
  • Evolution of current designs in unique applications
  • Progression of current design sizes and/or pressure classes
  • New designs not currently offered as standard
  • Nearly impossible quick delivery projects that, when met, build strategic, long-term partnerships with our clients

Requirement: ValvTechnologies received a call at noon on a Friday requesting an order of two four-inch 300# flanged valves to ship same day. The power plant wanted to install the valves on Sunday, as his heat exchanger tubes needed repair. The customer’s existing soft seated ball valves had leaked and the new valves needed to be installed as soon as possible in order to isolate heat exchangers for repair. In order for this to be done, the install had to be done over the weekend, giving ValvTechnologies only a few hours to complete and ship the order with no delays.

Solution: ValvTechnologies recognized the customer’s urgent needs and knew we had two four-inch NexTech® metal-seated trunnion-style 300# bare stem valves on the shelf. The challenge was being able to pull the valves off the shelf, prep them and get them over to ValvTechnologies’ headquarters for packing and shipment - all of this had to be done within four hours. The VTIS Team rose to this challenge and followed the products through the system and out the door so they were shipped within this short timeframe. The valves were received on-time by the customer and installed as planned, providing the customer with a superior zero-leakage solution.

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