Case Study: Teamwork Builds Success

Location: Southeast United States IMG_2316Outlined
Plant type: Combined Cycle Power Plant
Industry: Power
Application: HP Steam

Background: During a scheduled weekend outage, a large combine cycle power plant discovered a valve that would not move. Upon further inspection, the customer found a damaged coupler on the valve’s mounting bracket. Assuming this damaged coupler was causing the valve to lock up, the customer decided against purchasing a new valve and instead simply replaced the damaged mounting bracket. Preparing to go back online, the customer found the valve would still not function.

Requirement: Immediate shipment of a V1-1 metal seated ball valve for main steam draining was required to avoid extended outage time.

Result: Receiving the emergency request on Saturday, ValvTechnologies quickly assembled a cross-functional team to provide the power plant with an immediate solution. Representatives from the Shipping, Warehouse and Service departments were called to the Houston office to solve the customer’s issue. The ValvTechnologies’ team was able to identify, assemble, test and ship a replacement V1-1 valve by the end of day Saturday, the very same day the emergency request was received.

The customer received the V1-1 valve Monday morning and immediately installed it. The new valve functioned perfectly and the customer was able to go back online, saving thousands of dollars in potential down time and revenue loss.

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