Case Study: ValvPerformance Testing™

Service: ValvPerformance Testing™
Customer: Sloe Centrale Power Generating Station
Location: Vlissingen-Oost, Zeeland Province, The Netherlands

Background: In 2011-2012 leaking plant drain valves were allowing valuable cycle water and cycle energy to escape the plant processes. The annual cost of make-up water was excessive and levels of the requirement were approaching the design capacity of the plant to compensate for the losses.

Requirement: With cycle water losses approaching the system capacity to make-up, there was an impending risk that production or megawatt generation would have to be curtailed to allow the system to catch-up, which would result in potential lost revenue. Risk needed to be mitigated and make-up water costs controlled.

Solution: As a part of the Client’s corrective actions ValvTechnologies was able to assist the client in identifying leaking valves using ValvPerformance Testing™, as well as provision absolute zero-leakage drain valves. The risk of lost generation was mitigated and make-up water cost savings were reduced by an estimated $169,033 (€122,400) per year.

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