ValvTechnologies Facilities

valvtechnologies building.jpgValvTechnologies’ manufacturing and headquarters facilities are located in Northwest Houston, Texas on more than 33 acres of land. The main office and manufacturing building was built in May 2000 and was custom-designed by ValvTechnologies.

The main building features 27,000 sq/ft (2,508 sq/m) of office space on two levels and a manufacturing/assembly/warehouse of 60,000 sq/ft (5,574 sq/m). A separate building of 32,000 sq/ft (2,973 sq/m) contains additional office space, assembly, service, lapping and component inventory. Two additional shops feature 20,000 sq/ft (1,858sq/m) of additional warehouse space and a 2,400 sq/ft (223 sq/m) HVOF RiTech® facility.

In 2007, we added our Railhead location approximately five miles north of the Bingle facility which includes 30,000 sq/ft of research, assembly and office space and an additional 8,000 sq/ft for our Rhionite® product .

valvtechnologies building 1-1.jpgIn 2017, we added two additional Houston facilities, both located on Bingle Road, one featuring 25,000 sq/ft (2326 sq/m) and the second 18,000 sq/ft (1672 sq/m) which completes the US facilities for a total square footage of 225,000 (20,903 sq/m).

In 2013, we added our Chennai, India facility, featuring 10,000 sq/ft (929 sq/m) of assembly and office space.

In addition, ValvTechnologies China locations offer manufacturing, service and office space for an additional 27,000 sq/ft (2,508 sq/m).



Worldwide office locations:
  • Houston, Texas, USA (Headquarters)
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Columbia
  • Eastern Europe
  • India
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Middle East
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

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