Success Story: Hydrogen Isolation Valves

INDUSTRY: Downstream Dow hydrogen isolation v1-1_1
PLANT TYPE: Chemical
APPLICATION: Hydrogen Isolation

This customer had a long-standing history of using “Y” pattern globe valves for isolation valves in hydrogen isolation service. After reviewing the benefits of the ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage design, the customer changed their specification to require ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage, metal seated ball valves.

CHALLENGE: Achieving tight shut off on high-pressure hydrogen (1,160 psig) service in a single direction, much less on a bi-directional valve, is very difficult for plants to realize. ValvTechnologies, however, was able to custom-engineer a perfect solution to not only meet, but exceed the customers requirements and expectations.

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies supplied V1-1 zero-leakage A105 seat supported valves with Colmonoy® 69 coating on the integral seat and an Inconel® 718 ball also with Colmonoy® 69. The valves were tested to zero-leakage in the primary direction and class V in the reverse direction. These will be the first valves installed in high-pressure hydrogen service at this customer's plant.

BENEFIT: This customer will recognize repeatable, long-term, reliable tight shut off, allowing for a longer run time with significantly reduced maintenance and lower total cost-of-ownership.

FUTURE PROJECTS: ValvTechnologies will replace the existing installed base of “Y” pattern globe valves throughout the plant with V1-1 zero-leakage valves.

INFORMATION: For more information, contact ValvTechnologies at info@valv.com.

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