Success Story: Molecular sieve dehydration units

INDUSTRY: Upstream oil & gas
PLANT TYPE: Oil field
APPLICATION: Molecular sieve dehydration units
LOCATION: Kazakhstan

THE CUSTOMER: This plant is one of the world’s largest enterprises that explores and develops super giant oilfields in Kazakhstan. World-class safety standards, high-environmental performance and reliability of routine operations are the main factors that contribute to its success and long-term partnership with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

BACKGROUND: The molecular sieve dehydration units are being utilized in the field to remove H2O from the produced gas. The field has very high concentrations of wet H2S - 17-20% - which is considered acid gas as it is very corrosive (sulfuric acid) as well as lethal in concentrations as low as 500ppm. The H2O must be removed from the gas before further processing can continue such as removal of the sulfur, CO2 and mercury. Valves leading into and out of molecular sieve drums cycle frequently and experience extremely high thermal cycling over a very short period.

CHALLENGE: Overall conditions:

  • High H2S sour gas service (near 20% H2S)
  • Zeolites residuals (abrasive service)
  • High-temperature thermal cycles - 140°F - 518°F, 4x per day
  • Very quick cycling 4x per day - two-minute cycle time (extreme thermal expansion)
This customer’s mole sieve valves were lasting between one to 90 days service before they would leak to atmosphere (H2S) and shut down the mole sieve production unit. The customer’s lost production was estimated to cost them $15-25MM per day.

SOLUTION: The customer switched to ValvTechnologies’ V1-4, solid Inconel 825 and the valves lasted for two years vs. the competitor’s 1-90 days and saved them millions of dollars of lost production. The customer has now standardized on ValvTechnologies’ valves in all their mole sieve units. A second order was placed for 74 V Series valves, sizes 12” and 16” in solid Inconel.

BENEFIT: The customer will save millions of dollars by switching to our valves and will no longer have to deal with the failing, low-quality, high-maintenance of the previously installed products. ValvTechnologies has once again proven the superior performance of V Series valves in the most severe industry applications.

INFORMATION: For more information, contact ValvTechnologies at info@valv.com 

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