Product Focus: TrunTech® Trunnion Valves | Addressing the Needs of Upstream Oil & Gas

Truntech_-_BigValvTechnologies’ TrunTech® valve is designed to address the severe service demands of the upstream and midstream oil and gas industries. Its protected seat seal design provides long-life and tight shut-off in abrasive and erosive conditions as well as meets stringent fugitive emission requirements.The TrunTech® is designed to API-6D and API-6A, fire-safe per API-607 (API-6D) and API-6FA (API-6A), tight-shut-off per ISO-5208 Rate A (API-6D) and PSL-3 (API-6A).

Where is this valve usually found?

  • ESD
  • Manual isolation
  • Injection
  • Gas storage (withdrawal)
  • Gas transmission
  • Other gas treatment processes 
Who is the target audience?
  • Refining: Continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) reforming (UOP and Axens), pressure swing adsorption (PSA) skids, cumene production, low pressure catalyst handling in hydrotreaters and hydrocrackers, gas drier (molecular sieve) applications, hydrogen or oxygen service
  • Chemical: Unipol polyethylene (when metal seated), dow polypropylene, PSA skids, silicon processing, high-cycle lock-hopper valves
  • Gasification: Lock-hoppers, black water, syngas isolation
  • Power: Bi-directional, low-pressure applications such as soot-blowers and chemical handling
  • Specialty: Corrosive applications where seat material should be different than body material, high-cycle applications, polysilicon corrosive applications, bi-directional, double block-n-bleed

How does TrunTech® solve customer problems?
ValvTechnologies’ TrunTech® valve was designed as a high-performance, severe service solution for the process and specialty markets. Utilizing the same coating and live-loading technology that built the V Series product line, but in a lower-torque, truly bi-directional package, TrunTech® is a superior solution for tough, high-cycling applications. The TrunTech® offers unparalleled product life in abrasive, erosive and other severe service conditions. When evaluating the total value, ValvTechnologies’ TrunTech® provides the greatest value.

What are the TrunTech®’s advantages?
The advantages of the TrunTech®, a trunnion-mounted ball valve include: low operating torque, very high flow rates (Cv), protected sealing surfaces when in the open and closed position, and the ability to operate in the presence of solids and other contamination. The TrunTech® design from ValvTechnologies withstands severe thermal swings, meets stringent emission requirements and provides long life in abrasive and erosive conditions.

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