Product Focus: Cryogenic valves


ValvTechnologies’ cryogenic valves are built to withstand the most severe applications. This solution represents an important step forward in cryogenic technology by providing absolute zero-leakage thanks to the RiTech® coated integral seat, live-loaded fugitive emissions and fire safe tested design.

According to most specifications, cryogenic valves for LNG service must be fire tested. Unfortunately, the soft goods in most cryogenic ball valves will not pass the industry standard fire tests. Additionally, some metal seated valves which claim to be “inherently fire safe” have not actually been fire tested.

Contrary to conventional ball valve designs that attempt to adapt hard seats to a soft seated design, ValvTechnologies’ valves were designed from the beginning to be metal seated.

The ValvTechnologies’ design is centered around a seat that is machined as one piece integral to the end connector. This provides a stable platform onto which the ball is loaded with the high force of a Belleville® spring. The proprietary RiTech® carbide coating on the ball and integral seat are mate lapped, which, in combination with the spring, provide a tight metal seal at all differential pressures and temperatures. In addition, all ValvTechnologies’ valves feature live-loaded fugitive emissions and fire safe stem packing.

ValvTechnologies’ ball valves do not use any elastomers. As such, the valves are inherently fire safe by design. Pressure and temperature parameters are dictated by the grade of steel used in construction of the valve, not by o-rings.

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