Success Story: ValvTechnologies Eliminates Maintenance Costs

INDUSTRY: Downstream and chemical processing
PLANT TYPE: Refinery
APPLICATION: Resid hydrotreater unit (RHU)
PRODUCT: V Series severe service valves
BACKGROUND: Between 1999-2001 ValvTechnologies installed 85 valves at a local refinery. These valves operated without issue for more than 15 years and were finally brought in for complete overhaul in 2014. The estimated value of repair was $2.5 million.

CHALLENGE: When these valves were initially purchased, the customer required an absolute zero-leakage product, ensuring continuous operation without failure as well as complete shut-off throughout the system.

While no particular run time requirement was known or expected, the goal was to reduce costs associated with shutdowns and maintenance.

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies’ standard V Series valves have long been recognized not only as guaranteeing zero-leakage, but also as the product that requires the least amount of maintenance in the industry. Customers don’t worry about the product being inline repairable - because the valves rarely need to be repaired.
ValvTechnologies partners with customers to improve products to meet end users’ requests to run a minimum of 5-7 years without shutting down - ValvTechnologies far exceeded this as these valves have been in service for 21 years (as of 2020).

BENEFIT: This customer saved $1.5 million per year that repairs were pushed off, saving a total of $4.5 million over three years. Additionally, the plant recognized repeatable, long-term, reliable tight shut off and longer run times with significantly reduced maintenance and lower total cost-of-ownership.

FUTURE PROJECTS: The next scheduled outage is not until 2022, which will save the plant an additional $3 million.

INFORMATION: For more information, contact ValvTechnologies at info@valv.com 

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