Product Focus: HVOF RiTech®

HVOFWhat is HVOF RiTech®?
HVOF RiTech®, or robotically integrated technology, is a proprietary compressive spray technique developed by ValvTechnologies to improve product performance. This proprietary process allows for exceptional quality control and higher bond strengths.

What is the ValvTechnologies’ HVOF RiTech® process?
ValvTechnologies' HVOF RiTech® is a high velocity oxygen fuel coating process, with properties of high density and negligible porosity. A hot, high velocity gas jet sprays a coating of molten particles onto the ball and seat surfaces. An oxygen fuel mixture is forced through a spray gun nozzle and ignited. A mixture of powered materials (tungsten, carbide, nickel, chromium, etc.) are also forced through the spray gun nozzle. The ignited gas forms a circular flame surrounding the powder as it flows from the nozzle for uniform heating, melting and acceleration (5000-6000° F at >7000 fps).

Benefits of HVOF RiTech®:

  • Improved quality
  • Abrasion/corrosion protection
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Improved performance
  • Ability for components to operate in higher and/or lower temperatures
  • Ability to operate in the most severe service applications
  • Improve efficiency


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