Product Focus: Molecular Sieve Valves - Engineered for heavy-duty service and cycling

What are molecular sieve valves? kazakhstan
Molecular sieves are often utilized in solid desiccant gas dehydration systems - specifically inlet, outlet & bypass valves around the molecular sieve adsorbers and regen vessel.

Where are these valves used?
The valves are utilized by midstream operating companies, such as onshore gas storage/gas transmission facilities and offshore LNG carriers.

How do molecular sieve valves solve customer problems?
The molecular sieve valve produces dry and purified gas streams for midstream clients, as well as provides a saleable natural gas product with enhanced value.

Why are molecular sieves unique?

  • Ability to see notable temperature swings during the adsorption/regeneration process
  • Ability to see potential mole sieve (zeolite) dust or particulate matter
  • High-cycle valve – min. 4X to 6X day
  • Required to meet NACE guidelines due to H2S present in gas
  • Required to meet special material grades and classes – client preferred
  • Required to have superior emission free packing seal design
  • Must consistently provide tight/zero-leakage
What are the benefits?
  • There are a variety of material configurations
  • Solids proof design
  • Ball is constantly engaged with seat
  • Rotary design provides smaller footprint vs. competitor linear type
  • Superior thermal cycling valve
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