Product Focus: Mounting Bracket - One-piece Cast Design

ValvTechnologies’ customers can now take advantage of a new mounting bracket: a streamlined, lighter-weight, more cost-effective design with the same attentionmounting bracket to quality as our other models. This new design will be used for large production quantities and allow ValvTechnologies to reduce costs and pass the savings along to our customers.

Customer and industry: This design can be used worldwide in all applications

Features: The new product is a one-piece cast design whereas the previous product was a fabrication from carbon steel structural tubing

• Castings can be designed to minimize material usage which in turn decreases the weight of the valve assembly

• Transitions of structural features can be optimized to reduce high stress
concentration areas

• Well-designed castings can shorten production times due to less machining
required per part

• Reduced heat transfer and deflection

• Better access to the gland to allow accessibility to check the torque on the gland bolts

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