Product Focus: 3/8" V1-1 valve

Longer Service Life. Proven Performance. Increased Safety. 3_eights_inch_valve_with_pen_-_reference_to_scale
Longer valve service life means lower repair-and-replacement costs and longer online times: This is just the start of what you get with ValvTechnologies’ integral-seat severe service ball valves. The V1-1 Series’ proven seat design provides improved performance, far beyond the capability of conventional seats with wear-prone, corrosion-prone crevices. They are engineered to provide zero leakage by eliminating leak paths, maximizing smooth flow with the open passageway and will reduce maintenance and downtime. 

What is special about this valve?
Because of the physical size and weight of the 5/8” bore and larger V1-1 series valve, they are not considered for typical instrumentation and sampling applications. The 3/8” bore valve has all the benefits of the larger sizes but has a greatly reduced weight and size which should allow customers to consider this reliable option.

In what applications should this valve be considered?
Ideal for the instrumentation and sample lines for boiler water and chemical lab isolation valves due to its reduced physical size. Perfect for any chemical plant, refinery or gas plant application due to its inherent fire-safe capability. This valve is available with an oval hand wheel as well as a lever to save space when used on instrumentation applications. Applicable for the valves used to isolate an instrument when calibration is required during continuous services and also used for the calibration fluid/gas inlet. Useful in virtually any instrument application or where zero leakage is needed and space is a problem.

What are the benefits of the 3/8” V1-1 valve?

  • Small, compact size and low weight
  • Straight through design and protected seat
  • Long-life service reduces maintenance in hard-to-access locations
  • Proven sealing under every operating condition up to 1400°F (760°C) (depending upon materials of construction)
  • Zero-leakage using the integral seat design
  • HVOF RiTech® carbide coated ball and seat increases life of the valve
  • Dependable repeatability
  • Durable and resistant to abrasives
  • Multiple live-loaded packing retaining studs provide constant load pressure through extreme
    pressure and thermal shocks. Packing is leak-tight in high and low cycling service.
  • Blow-out-proof stem provides for ultimate operator safety
  • Normal ValvTechnologies' four-year zero leakage guarantee in a power plant application

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