ValvTechnologies' Success Story - Hydrogen Isolation Valves

Industry: Downstream
Plant type: Chemical
Application: Hydrogen Isolation
Location: Texas
Product: V1-1

THE WIN: This customer had a long standing
history of using “Y” pattern globe valves for isolation valves in hydrogen isolation service. After reviewing the benefits of the ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage design, the customer changed their specification to require ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage, metal seated ball valves.


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - H-oil unit

Industry: Downstream
Plant type: H-oil unit
Location: Belarus

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies' decades of engineering experience led to the design of its superior, severe service zero-leakage isolation valves that exceed industry standards. In this case, it also led to ValvTechnologies' largest ever h-oil project win and the displacement of a former firmly ingrained competitor.


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - Coking - Heater Isolation

Industry: Coking
Plant type: Refining
Application: Coking – furnace heater isolation
Location: Minnesota
Product: V1-2

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies committed to the customer’s short lead time requirement based on their on-site delivery needs by offering expedite options with existing coker inventory/stock, changing out to forgings where able and working with valued suppliers to expedite materials with negligible impact on overall project cost. 



ValvTechnologies' Success Story - Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit

Industry: Upstream oil & gas
Plant type: Oil field
Application: Molecular sieve dehydration units
Location: Kazakhstan

SOLUTION: The customer switched to ValvTechnologies’ V1-4, solid Inconel 825 and the valves lasted for two years vs. the competitor’s 1-90 days and saved them millions of dollars of lost production. The customer has now standardized on ValvTechnologies’ valves in all their molecular sieve units. A second order was placed for 74 V Series valves, sizes 12” and 16” in solid Inconel.