ValvTechnologies' Success Story - Hydrogen Isolation Valves

Industry: Downstream
Plant type: Chemical
Application: Hydrogen Isolation
Location: Texas
Product: V1-1

THE WIN: This customer had a long standing
history of using “Y” pattern globe valves for isolation valves in hydrogen isolation service. After reviewing the benefits of the ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage design, the customer changed their specification to require ValvTechnologies’ zero-leakage, metal seated ball valves.


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - H-oil unit

Industry: Downstream
Plant type: H-oil unit
Location: Belarus

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies' decades of engineering experience led to the design of its superior, severe service zero-leakage isolation valves that exceed industry standards. In this case, it also led to ValvTechnologies' largest ever h-oil project win and the displacement of a former firmly ingrained competitor.


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - TrunTech® Dosing Cup Valve

Industry: Chemical
Plant type: Petrochemical
Location: Texas
Product: TrunTech® trunnion dosing cup

SOLUTION: A Texas polyethylene plant had valves grouped in a pair of fours with a drive system that could operate one or multiple valves as required. Instead of a traditional hole through the valve, these unique valves had a dosing cup that metered catalyst into the reactor, rotating 360° based on the drive system. Read more to learn how ValvTechnologies custom-engineered a first of its kind solution to meet the plant's unique needs.


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - Coking - Heater Isolation

Industry: Coking
Plant type: Refining
Application: Coking – furnace heater isolation
Location: Minnesota
Product: V1-2

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies committed to the customer’s short lead time requirement based on their on-site delivery needs by offering expedite options with existing coker inventory/stock, changing out to forgings where able and working with valued suppliers to expedite materials with negligible impact on overall project cost. 


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - LC Finer

Industry: Heavy oil
Plant type: Refinery
Application: LC finer
Location: Texas City, Texas
Product: V Series

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies’ replaced approximately 250 valves in the late 1990’s due to issues with the competitor’s valves. The facility ran for 14 years without needing to service ValvTechnologies’ products. ValvTechnologies’ products continue to perform exceptionally well, solving the plants problems, eliminating fires, leaks and equipment failures previously experienced with competitive products.


ValvTechnologies Eliminates Maintenance Costs

Industry: Downstream and chemical processing 
Plant type: Refinery
Application: Resid hydrotreater unit (RHU) 
Location: Texas
Product: V Series severe service valves

SOLUTION: This customer saved $1.5 million per year that repairs were pushed off, saving a total of $4.5 million over three years. Additionally, the plant recognized repeatable, long-term, reliable tight shut off and longer run times with significantly reduced maintenance and lower total cost-of-ownership.


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit

Industry: Upstream oil & gas
Plant type: Oil field
Application: Molecular sieve dehydration units
Location: Kazakhstan

SOLUTION: The customer switched to ValvTechnologies’ V1-4, solid Inconel 825 and the valves lasted for two years vs. the competitor’s 1-90 days and saved them millions of dollars of lost production. The customer has now standardized on ValvTechnologies’ valves in all their molecular sieve units. A second order was placed for 74 V Series valves, sizes 12” and 16” in solid Inconel.


ValvTechnologies' Success Story - PulseJet

Industry: Downstream
Plant type: Refinery
Location: India
Product: PulseJet

SOLUTION: ValvTechnologies designed and manufactures a pulsejet valve to control the flow of syngas needed to disrupt the formation of the char cake. The valve satisfies the service conditions for operation of eight months or more, depending on the actual cycle time of the valve. To develop the most robust solution, ValvTechnologies designed the valve to meet the end user service requirements and agreed to some of the harshest requirements available.