Product Focus: IsoTech® Hybrid Designisotech_hybrid

Specifically designed for High Pressure (HP) steam stop and unit isolation valves in combined cycle power plants, ValvTechnologies’ new hybrid parallel slide gate IsoTech® valve is the right choice for new-build projects and valve replacements at existing plants.

Incorporating the standard stellite-free and full seat protected features of our existing IsoTech® PSG, the new hybrid design has a cast A217 C12A short pattern body with welded-on forged end rings (pup pieces). The forged end rings can be either A182 F91 or F92 to match your HP piping system material. The length of the end rings can also be customized to either meet ASME B16.10 end-to-end dimensions, or be provided longer to allow removing heat affected zone piping on valve replacement projects. This degree of freedom is unmatched in the power industry.

The new design is 100% radiographic tested to provide an ANSI 2000 Intermediate Special Class rating suitable for today’s high performance combined cycle power plants. This ensures an exceptional quality, lighter weight cast body.

With a finished product Brinell hardness between 200 to 250, the hybrid IsoTech® will meet the exacting standards required for today’s high-pressure, high-temperature, high cycle combined cycle power plants.

The IsoTech® hybrid has also been designed for very low-pressure drop. The gradual internal taper from the 9 3/4” bore yields exceptional flow coefficient (Cv) values - minimizing pressure drop, maximizing power generation.

The flow coefficient values table is based on standard ASME B16.10 end-to-end dimensions.

flow co_table
isotech end rings hybridSUPERIOR WEAR RESISTANCE
The cobalt alloy-free design is achieved with our proprietary HVOF chromium carbide coating which is applied to the discs, seats, and guides. The combination of our advanced valve design with the RiTech® coating provides superior wear resistance in high temperature, high-pressure, high-cycle applications.

With more than 30 years of experience providing successful solutions for severe service valves, we are confident in our products. So much so, that we offer a four year, zero leakage and ten year/10,000 cycle coating delamination guarantee for the IsoTech® PSG valve.

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